Our Company

Our Family

Where it all began

The story of our family company began a long time ago, when our grandfather CARMINE DE NUNZIO, decided to follow his instincts and started a small production of “salumi” , genuine, homemade cured meats, for a selected group of clients. Over time his idea proved successful, his products were in great demand and soon enough became very popular among customers

Since the demand for his cured meats grew by the day, he came up with an even bolder plan, he decided to build a new place, where to work in a \”modern\” way, dealing with every aspect of production starting with the selection of the best animals from local farmers. In time with the help of his family, he laid the foundations for what would later become our renowned family company.

Our family traditions

What we learned

Our grandfather passed his knowledge and values on to our father, his son Gerardo, who passed it on to the next generation his sons Carmine and Enrico, us. Their courage, determination, skills and values are our handbook and inspire us everyday to do more, to learn and improve. Under the wise guidance of our father, we are very proud and happy to carry on the family traditions and we hope to add our contribution along the way to our family business. The same hands, the same heart, three generations on the same road!

Our plant

Where we are now

Our company is our small extended family, a great team of competent and specialized professionals, a small group of dedicated staff united by the same values and the same ideas that have brought us this far and although the techniques that we use for production have changed over time we still believe in the same simple values: technology and modern tools could be a great help but will never replace our family traditions, experience, skills and daily commitment.