How we make it

The wise man’s secret

Short food supply chain

One of the most important things you learn through experience is that you can not produce high quality products if you do not start from high quality raw materials. That is why we are committed to ensure that all our products are 100% Italian, genuine and produced responsibly, what is more their quality must always meet our high standards for safety and control. The first step is also the most important, everything starts with the choice and selection of the animals themselves. It is very important to us that all animals are bred and live in excellent conditions. That’s why we have been working closely with one trusted supplier for many years now, a responsible and competent local producer, chosen and selected for the care and attention used in ensuring the quality of life for all the animals in his care.

The patient man’s treasure

The right way and the right time, or how we make something unique

Curing meat is an extremely delicate and complex process. It is necessary to carry out all the steps required carefully, in the right order and at the right moment. It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience, not to mention a great deal of expertise and exceptional manual skills one can only develop and refine over time, with practice, patience and passion.

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Cooling and Cutting

The first two steps in the curing process are extremely important, first of all the two separate parts of pork are cleaned and refrigerated to prevent the meat from spoiling, next the raw meat is cut into different portions,

This delicate operation is performed by an expert with precise cuts that separate without damaging the meat.
The different cuts will then be processed into various products depending on the specific characteristics determined by many factors including texture, PH-value and size. This kind of selection is intended to separate the most “noble” pieces that will be processed whole from the pieces that will be used to produce dry-cured sausage or are intended to be sold as fresh raw meat at the meat counter.

Salting and Resting

The cuts of meat are covered in pure sea salt, refrigerated and then stored in a temperature-humidity controlled environment, the salt is hand-rubbed on to the ham at regular intervals according to weight to allow the right amount of salt to be absorbed.

The portions of pork will then be hung in temperature-humidity controlled storage rooms for several days to dry in order to lower the water content of the meat. This is a very important step in the curing process, an essential element to achieve the perfect consistence and flavor of the final product, it must always be performed by an expert, a skillful “maestro” . During this period of resting the hams are washed with lukewarm water to remove any impurities or salt excess.

Curing and Greasing

The curing process is the final stage of the production. The hams are hung on racks to allow a natural, slow and gradual drying process. The length of the curing process depends on the size of the meat pieces and the type of products. It can take from nine months to two years, depending on the size of the ham.

During maturing process, the products are checked constantly, “piercing” is performed to check maturing by experts trained to recognize and evaluate the olfactory characteristics of the products, “sugna” a special mix of lard, rice four and spices is spread on the parts of the ham not covered with the rind to protect and soften the meat and prevent it from drying too quickly, this process is called “sugnatura” greasing.

Sausage and more

The portions of meat intended for the production of sausages follow a different process, faster but not less accurate. The selection stage is followed by seasoning stage which consists in adding salt and other natural, aromatic spices and herbs to the raw meat, such as pepper, chili pepper or fennel.

The process is carried out with great care and precision so that all the ingredients are perfectly balanced to enhance the excellent natural flavor of the meat. The various products are then stored in temperature-humidity controlled rooms to dry and put on racks until the curing process is completed. The length of this process may vary according to the different kind of products.

Quality check

Let’s talk about quality and safety

The quality and safety of each of our products is guaranteed and certified by our brand and our producer’s ID code 807 M CE.
We ensure and encourage the highest standards in product safety and quality, occupational safety, health and environmental standards in compliance to applicable regulations and standards. We manufacture our products following strict policies, requirements and specifications.